Friday, May 8, 2009

Mrs. Dallas Black USA Is Upon us...

Mahiri Takai

Asst. Director

2009 Mrs. Black Dallas USA

Mahiri Takai has teamed with the unstoppable movement and ever talented Mrs. Nanette M. Watts. Mrs Watts is a former Multi award and titlewinnerand national/state director of Mrs. Plus America , winner of Mrs. Plus America, Along with many outstanding achievements in modeling and Mrs. Usa pageants. Mrs. Watts has recently been crowned with the Mrs. Plus America Lifetime Award.

This team have come together to coordinate the most extradinary pageant that Dallas has to offer. You think you have the talent skills and look? Then sign up today for Mr. Dallas Black USA.

Winner recieves: $500.oo scholarship, paid entry into nationals, A host of amazing gifts valued at over $2,000, the title of Mrs. Black USA, article in STREETS magazine.

Nanette M. Watts

Executive Director/Producer
2004 Texas Plus America Woman
2004 Plus America Woman
Miss Plus America Lifetime Award Winner

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