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Mahiri Takai attends Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

My favorite Blogger highlight "Brittany Adams" on Rebecca Minkoff

Fashion's favorite hip-hop hipster, Theophilus London, kicked off last nights Rebecca Minkoff show with his familiar hit, "I Stand Alone." Gliding up and down the runway with his patented swagger, London, who was dressed in head to toe studded leather and ample bling, had the packed house spellbound before the first model even stepped out. The bold clothing that followed—jewel-tone brocade biker jackets and celestial sequined pants, for starters—kept the energy level up. On-trend, oversize boyfriend blazers with dropped shoulders (much like the one the designer herself was wearing at a showroom preview earlier this week) exemplified Minkoff's brand of assertive femininity. Ditto the finale number: a kaleidoscope-print long silk shirtdress with coquettish cutouts around the collarbone.

And while R.M. did introduce a few successful new ideas, like blanket wrap coats and shorthair shearling T-shirts, it seems likely that most avid Minkettes will be avoiding the so-called Yeti coats and dresses here, and will instead continue to scoop up the label's signature bombers and best-selling bags.
Story by Brittany Adams

Mahiri Takai Fashion Week Experience...

The shows have been awesome so far but only a few have peeked my interest so throughout the remainder of the week I will be bringing the exclusive from the runway your way. I am Mahiri Takai and this is the fashion week experience...Who doesn't love back to the future the movie but Nicole has brought a brand new modern day spin. Marty McFly's mythical Nikes in "Back to the Future II," to be exact. Nicole Miller athletic silhouettes met punchy graphics in a modern homage to the designer's classic hits from the '80s and '90s. My celebrity count was at a all time high with faces like Ashley Tisdale, Alexis Bledel and "Jackass" jokester Bam Margera, but the real stars were models on the runway.
Neoprene jackets, beaded patchwork tops, and skirts and mesh cut-out body-hugging dresses were also on display, while playful, eye-popping knit striped skirts were done in bold hues of watermelon and aqua.

There's your exclusive more photos coming soon...

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Mahiri Who?

So Mahiri Takai launched his new website on Monday and now you can receive all the updates on Mahiri's travels and products. JOIN US AT WWWW.MAHIRITAKAISTYLE.COM


it is official the Arikai has made it's a debate in NYC fashion week. The Creator Mahiri Takai has created a piece of treasure for fashionista and fashion junkies all over. The private gallery showcase will be open to the public on friday Feb 17th I can't wait to see these amazing ties. Each tie is one of kind and created and style by Mr. Takai himself. Look for Mahiri Takai and the Arikai bow tie as he prepares for his leadership tour. visit

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


We would like to take this time to say thank you to the Dallas fashion lovers that made this a reality! Fashion Week Dallas was a great success there were some hiccups along the way, however the message was delivered "Dallas Has Style". Our designers who participated in this project helped shape this wonderful event and without you we are all nothing. The team were kind and patience with all our guest and everyone of you are greatly appreciated. To the man himself the visionary behind this brilliant project! We applaud you for effort and the idea of execution. We are glad to annouce the arrival of fashion week Dallas 2013 bigger sponsors, more designers, larger publications, and so much more! We will see you soon! Thank you for your support and for more photos and videos from this years event stay posted right here updates coming soon.

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Fashion week Dallas is in full effect! Thanks to Mahiri Takai for his dedication to make this project a success now will want for the count down of the magic. I can't want to see what he brings to Dallas Mahiri Takai has worked in the fashion industry for years. He will provide the new york city style to the Dallas scene fashion week begins Jan 16-22 can't wait!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Men's Style Tips 101

Always match your belt with your shoes. This is a good rule to follow and it keeps things simple. It's best to stay with traditional colors such a black, dark brown or a rich tan. Other colors will be difficult to match, and generally speaking, should be avoided. If you wear sneakers every day that probably means you are wearing jeans in which case I suggest trying a belt made of fabric or something equally as casual, but please avoid dress belts with jeans and sneakers. If you wear suspenders, I am compelled to ask you why, but I digress. Just don't wear a belt and suspenders together, it's one or the other.
Matching Ties and Shirts. For while the solid-colored shirt with a tie of the same (or slightly-off) color was seen everywhere. This is now a somewhat dated look. Try mixing things up a little and experiment with colors. Ties are great way to express yourself, but keeping it tasteful is your best bet. You can't go wrong with diagonal stripes, modern polka-dots, plaids and subtle patterns. Just make sure your tie compliments your shirt, suit, sweater or what ever you will be wearing it with. Novelty ties are best avoided since the novelty is short lived.
Note: Ties should be tied in whatever style most strikes your fancy. You should know that there are many different ways to knot your tie, and different knots say different things. I prefer the Windsor or the four-in-hand, but I do suggest that you explore a little just for kicks. As for clip on ties--just say no.

Pleats vs. Flat-Front. Why so many men have avoided flat-front trousers has always been a mystery to me. Flat-front trousers look better than pleated pants, at least most of the time. Plus pleats make you look less slim. I have heard guys wear pleats because it’s more comfortable or because flat-fronts are more for athletic bodies. Truth is most men can wear a flat-front trouser. If you want more room then buy them a little big and have them brought in at the waist. This can be done at the store where you buy your clothes or by an independent tailor. And lastly, flat-font trousers are much more fashionable. How do you feel about pants with pleats? Take this poll.
Socks. The more official rule on socks is that they should match the color of your pants, though preferably not the exact same shade unless, of course, you are wearing black in which case it's okay. However, I personally like to wear socks with patterns, such as stripes in various colors. But I do try to match my socks with my pants and shoes. To quote Glenn O'Brien from GQ magazine, ". . .you will ultimately realize that beyond the valley of rules rises the mountain of aesthetics, the peak of which (if there is one) is always shrouded in beautiful clouds of various hues, many of them resembling certain of my more unusually hued socks."
Note: Although it should be obvious, white socks should be reserved for the gym.

Watches are the single most important accessory a man can own. I really suggest investing in one good watch that suits your lifestyle and taste. However, if you are someone who likes to own more than one watch, wear the appropriate timepiece for your outfit: black band with black shoes and belt; brown band with brown shoes and belt; and silver band for either. See my Men's Watch Guide for more in depth advice.
Eyeglasses are one of the few ways you can really express yourself. I have worn glasses for many years and I love having a few pair in different styles. They don't have to just serve a function, but can enhance your overall look. Do your best to find a pair of glasses that not only compliments the shape of your face, but also expresses your personality. Ask people who wear glasses for a place where you can get good advice about what shape and style looks best for your face shape and features.

Mahiri Takai Fashion Editor Of The Dallas Weekly

Fashion has taken a whole new turn... With Mahiri Takai as the new fashion editor of the elite paper Dallas Weekly it is in on target. Mahiri has the skill, talent, and eye that it takes to keep his readers on there toes.He uses his influence in this sometime selfish business to promote young fashion designers and mentors young talent in other fields. This young man is in high demand his celebrity clientele follows his advise on fashion and so should we. Look out for his official fashion industry launch on June 3rd 2011. Get updates, fashion tips, and all the inside scoop on whats cool and in trend with Mahiri Takai the new Fashion Editor of the Dallas Weekly.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Chevy "knowing Is Living Tour" Aids Awareness Movement

Look out for the chevy cobalt "Knowing Is Living" Aids Awareness tour! Will be in LSU Tomorrow 8p.m. Then off to Atlanta for Aids Awareness Event. Then Nyc for the launch of the Hawa Takai lip gloss! Thanks for your support!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Mahiri Takai has a new lip gloss!!!!!

This great product is aid to raise money for the aids cure. With your help we can end aids. So join Mahiri at Hawa Cosmetics March 5th at their store to launch this new product. There will be art, fashion, complimentary make-overs, poetry, and great celebrities. Be there for this amazing occasion. To end Aids.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Sponsor... Say What? Mahiri Takai

Yes so did you see the Toyota Scion? Where? The Fashion Mahiri Takai produced at Plush.... The new sponsor the Mklinks Models brand the Toyota Scion.... Thanks Scion Guys!!! Want to ride around like a true celebrity go by Sports City Toyota today and speak to Charles Cooley about hooking you up!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

The Mahiri Takai "Taco"

So the new hot spot in Dallas Rock'N'Taco has created an wonderful new treat. Both visually amazing as well as mouth watering. The name of the beloved item on the menu is the Mahiri Takai, yes the owner of our company has his own taco. That's Crazy.... So in an aid to raise both money and awareness for Hiv/Aids. Mahiri will have his taco available beginning November 20th. Go there and asj for the Mahiri Takai you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Knowing Is Living" Tour Stops

November 20th, 2010 meet Mahiri Takai for the unveiling of his new taco the mahiri takai at Rock’N’Taco in Dallas TX. 4p.m

December 3rd Mahiri Takai kicks off his tour with an Aids Awareheness Gallery Exhibit hosted at University Park Audi 7p.m

December 4th Mahiri Takai Premiere’s his Mkls Clothing and Jewelry brand it the 4th Annual Dallas Does Aids Awareness Fashion Show Hosted at Wish Ultra Lounge 8p.m

Feb 19th Mahiri Takai Showcases his designs at Howard Universit

Friday, October 22, 2010


Mahiri Takai’s New Exclusive Brand MKLS will be showcased world wide beginning

Mahiri Takai’s use of unusual gemstones, fossils and minerals sets him apart from other jewelry designers. “This Jewelry line was created for those who need something to give hope, inspiration, and heal those openwounds of hurt for the love one’s they’ve lost due to Hiv/Aids.”.. Say’s Mahiri. Mahiri Takai offers a wonderful selection of high quality, one-of-a-kind jewelry featuring over a hundred different types of healing stones. Which by the greeks was used to heal wounds in time of war.

As well as Mahiri customizes jewelry, handmade bridal jewelry and antique jewelry. Mahiri Takai’s work has been called ” A perfect piece of jewelry art” by The Dallas Examiner news. His fine work from jewelry, clothing, Aids Awareness acts, and new book has landed this forward thinking artist to the top!

Mahiri Takai stands on the platform of Hiv/Aids Awwareness and lives by the slogan “knowing Is Living” which is his inspiration for the jewelry line

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fashion Over Aids Events!

Mahiri Takai does it again with his amazing Hiv/Aids Awareness Show!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Mr. Funny(Mack) Farland

This comedian is a position of his own...
Smart, Clever, Wit that leaves you looking for more!
Combining hyper A.D.D. with an amusingly and acute take on things, Mack puts on one of the most high intensity shows in standup making him an audience favorite. He dissects the irony and problems of the world in a way that makes fun of what otherwise isn’t. Mack's material makes people think and look at themselves, but laugh hysterically while doing so.
Booking Mack @

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Men of Paris : SS 2010 Collection Recap
By Mini Boss 12 Aug 2009 @ 7:43 am | Categorized FEATURED, RUNWAY |


:::::Men of Paris:::::

Comme des garons ss 2010

commes des garcons ss 2010-2

Mens Fashion Week is always an exciting time and depending on where I am in my work and life I see the shows as they occur or over a longer period of time. But despite all time barriers I do see all the fashion week shows and take my time in doing so to create my own archive of inspiration. Some designers get 3 looks in my book, some get 6, and others get full independent reviews, while some just dont make my pupils dilate, and so they are left unmnetioned in some rounds. It is hard sometimes because there are designers I love very much and always look to first, but even they have their off seasons. There are 2 major Mens Fashion Weeks and so we bring you in 2 parts, Men of Paris and Men of Milan. Today archives the most symbolic looks from Paris Mens SS 2010 Runways. Stay tuned for Men of Milan tomorrow.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Join Our Campaigne To End AIDS!!!

At Mklinks Models Inc. Our Platform is Hiv/Aids Awareness we take this platform very seriously, we develope our idea for show themes and events around this platform. Educating one another is the single greatest way to stop the spread of it...
Now here's some facts
Women of color, particularly Black women, have been especially hard hit and represent the majority of new HIV infections and AIDS cases among women, and the majority of women living with the disease. Today, there are approximately 1.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S., including nearly 280,000 women. Black women accounted for 66% of estimated AIDS cases among women, aged 13 and older, diagnosed in 2006, but only 12% of the U.S. population of women. Latino's accounted for 16% of estimated AIDS cases, compared to 13% of the female population aged 13 and over.

The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, October 2008

Have questions or just need more info go to

Jason Christopher Peter's Review After MKLINKS Models Show!


Okay so here's the dish...
We are so proud of our friend Mr. LaQuan Smith who has clearly paved his way through this Fashion industry and living the true of Dream of designer's bliss. We were there from the beginning and now our designer to the stars has won a prestigous award for his amazing talent. LaQuan we love you and support your craft keep doing it. Creating from your vision for what say and do is the new trend.