Friday, October 22, 2010


Mahiri Takai’s New Exclusive Brand MKLS will be showcased world wide beginning

Mahiri Takai’s use of unusual gemstones, fossils and minerals sets him apart from other jewelry designers. “This Jewelry line was created for those who need something to give hope, inspiration, and heal those openwounds of hurt for the love one’s they’ve lost due to Hiv/Aids.”.. Say’s Mahiri. Mahiri Takai offers a wonderful selection of high quality, one-of-a-kind jewelry featuring over a hundred different types of healing stones. Which by the greeks was used to heal wounds in time of war.

As well as Mahiri customizes jewelry, handmade bridal jewelry and antique jewelry. Mahiri Takai’s work has been called ” A perfect piece of jewelry art” by The Dallas Examiner news. His fine work from jewelry, clothing, Aids Awareness acts, and new book has landed this forward thinking artist to the top!

Mahiri Takai stands on the platform of Hiv/Aids Awwareness and lives by the slogan “knowing Is Living” which is his inspiration for the jewelry line

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