Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Men of Paris : SS 2010 Collection Recap
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:::::Men of Paris:::::

Comme des garons ss 2010

commes des garcons ss 2010-2

Mens Fashion Week is always an exciting time and depending on where I am in my work and life I see the shows as they occur or over a longer period of time. But despite all time barriers I do see all the fashion week shows and take my time in doing so to create my own archive of inspiration. Some designers get 3 looks in my book, some get 6, and others get full independent reviews, while some just dont make my pupils dilate, and so they are left unmnetioned in some rounds. It is hard sometimes because there are designers I love very much and always look to first, but even they have their off seasons. There are 2 major Mens Fashion Weeks and so we bring you in 2 parts, Men of Paris and Men of Milan. Today archives the most symbolic looks from Paris Mens SS 2010 Runways. Stay tuned for Men of Milan tomorrow.

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